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Facts about Implants and Explants

Physical beauty is important to many people, and for those who are unsatisfied with there looks there are generally a number of options available to correct those things which they don’t like.  While some turn to simple solutions such as makeup or items of clothing designed to pad or restrict parts of the body in an effort to mask those attributes that they are unsatisfied with, others prefer to look into surgical options that will make the necessary changes to the body itself.  One of these common surgical procedures is implant surgery, in which a sealed sac filled with saline or other materials is placed inside the body to add contour and shape.

Implants can be used in a variety of locations on the body, and can serve several different purposes as well.  In the case of better-known implants such as those for breast enlargement, the result of the procedure is simply an increase in size and fullness of shape.  Other implants can also be used to correct deformity or repair damage done in accidents, allowing individuals who had depressions in certain portions of their bodies to have those depressions filled in to match their normal body surface.  Certain implants can even be used to combat wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging in the face and other sections of the body.

During the 1990’s, breast implants became very popular and were done using silicone-filled shells or a few other materials.  Unfortunately, these implants would occasionally begin to leak and could cause severe health problems and chronic pain if this occurred.  Because of this, the popularity of breast implants suffered and alternative implants such as those filled with saline were created.  While breast augmentation surgery is still one of the more common implant procedures today, there are a number of people who still do not fully trust implants even though modern techniques and implants are much safer than those which were used during the early years of breast augmentation surgery.

Because of the distrust caused by leaking silicone implants, many individuals have opted to undergo explant surgery, which is the procedure used to remove implants and restore the body to a more natural state.  This surgery is often not quite as easy as simply removing the implants, as scar tissue can build up around the implant as the body adapts to it and must also be removed in order to restore the body to its original form.

In many cases, explant surgery is combined with other surgical or cosmetic procedures in order to save stress on the body from multiple surgeries and also to create the largest amount of change that is safely possible within a short amount of time.  Common procedures which are combined with explants include liposuction, breast lifts and other breast augmentations, and tummy tucks or other changes to the stomach and abdomen.  Explants are also used when the recipient is wanting to change to a different type of implant or is wishing to have a different implant size.

Explant surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure, and often occurs under general anesthesia.  The procedure can usually be completed in under an hour, though this length of time may vary depending upon whether other procedures are being performed as well.  Depending upon the doctor and the specific type of surgery being done the cost can vary from under $1,000 to more than $4,000, and unless the surgery is being performed due to damage caused by the implant or other health-related reasons it is often not covered by most health insurance plans.  Should insurance cover the cost of the procedure, it will pay for the explant only; having new implants inserted for cosmetic reasons is not covered by insurance.



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